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Appliance Repair Edmonton

Dryer Repair

Appliance Repair Edmonton offers the best all around dryer service options for our residential customers. Our experts are dryer specialists that have years of on the job experience with all makes and models of these laundry room appliances. We provide quality results at a quality price. Our response times are fast and we offer flexible scheduling for our customers convenience. Every technician on our team shares a deep commitment to providing the most efficient customer service feasible for homes in the area.

Our appliance specialists will service everything from the top load dryer to the front load washer and dryer effectively and at a budget friendly rate. We believe in the proper maintenance, repair, and installation of dryer units and all household appliances. Our experts use a front load washer cleaner that makes washers sparkle and operate more efficiently. We offer outstanding service on all laundry room appliances because these units are so essential to those that depend on them.

Dryer Repair Service in Edmonton

When this appliance breaks down we provide extremely fast and accurate dryer repair service. Our dryer repair team in Edmonton, AB is the best in the business. We use only top rated replacement parts and we will fix any dryer that is broken. Our technicians are friendly, helpful, and will answer any questions our customers have about the service being provided. We will service both gas and electrical units effectively. People call us every day about dryers not spinning, heating, or properly drying their clothes. We offer cost efficient answers to these issues.

We also provide exceptional dryer installation service. Installation is very important when gas units are being installed. It is also important to hook up the vent correctly. This is the component that releases the hot air outside. These vents should be cleaned regularly to prevent possible fires. At Edmonton Appliance Repair we will take great care of your dryer. Schedule a flexible appointment with us today.