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Appliance Repair Edmonton

Microwave Repair Edmonton

Microwaves are appliances too so why do so many appliance service providers seem to shy away from servicing them? At Appliance Repair Edmonton we are proud to provide the most impressive microwave repair in Edmonton, AB. Our qualified technicians are trained to service large and small appliances. The microwave comes in many different sizes. Some of these units are portable, while others are built in ranges. We have the experience, training, and honed skills to fix them all. Our experts will rush out the same day you call to get your unit up and running effectively.Microwave Repair Edmonton

Superior Service

At Edmonton Appliance Repair we are dedicated to providing microwave service that exceeds customer expectations. It all begins with the initial phone call. Our friendly staff is always polite and helpful. We guarantee customer satisfaction and will not give up until we have achieved that goal. Our certified technicians believe in doing the job right the first time. We achieve this by making sure we bring to the job everything we need to be successful. This includes stocking our trucks with a variety of parts and tools. Our unique attention to detail and our commitment to excellence present us as the obvious choice for superior microwave repair in Edmonton, AB.

Repairs Take Top Priority

Your repair needs always take top priority with us. Our microwave repair experts have many years of on the job experience servicing a wide range of microwave ovens. If your unit stops working do not immediately toss it to the curb. You might be surprised at how affordable repair on these small appliances can be.

Some of the problems that commonly go wrong with microwaves include uses, door switches, fan motors, and stirrer belts. In some cases the high voltage diode or capacitor can go bad or the drive bushing could be damaged. Whatever the problem is we will find it fast and fix it in no time flat. Contact Appliance Repair Edmonton today for impeccable service.